R&D Center for Huawei
Manufacture of components and equipment for telecommunication systems
Production of specialized lifting equipment
Manufacture of equipment and materials for rail transport and supercapacitors
China-Belarus logistics subpark
YTO Technology BLR, LLC
YTO's Eastern European research center
Manufacture of steel and aluminum radiators and cast aluminum radiators
Production of materials for the woodworking and furniture industry using electronic printing methods on paper and plastic
Heat dissipation technology used in LED products
Daniel Widmer
Daniel Widmer
Head of Buses and Trolleybuses at Carrosserie HESS AG
Doing business at Great Stone is very convenient for a Swiss company due to the fact that there are many highly qualified employees, capable of performing complex projects. In addition, we see that there is an opportunity to expand cooperation with local companies in the future.
Alexander Raichenok
Alexander Raichenok
Deputy Director of MAZ- Weichai
The MAZ-Weichai plant was built in eight months from scratch, on a previously undeveloped site. The enterprise plans to produce 20,000 engines a year, increase exports and recoup the investment in five years. It is possible to achieve, due to the fact that the plant is registered at Great Stone Industrial Park. The residents of the park have great tax benefits and international guarantees that working conditions will not change.
Andrey Evdokimov
Andrey Evdokimov
Founder of Levant Group
I can already see the results from working here. First of all, I really like the attitude - there is no bureaucracy, no extra approvals are needed for production and construction.

All the administrative functions are in one place. I came, gave all the documents - and even in the event that I am missing something or have some minor errors, they support me and help me to fix it. Everything is done quickly, efficiently and in a good way.
Zhang Renjun
Zhang Renjun
Senior Vice President of China ZTE Corporation
We note the comfortable conditions for doing business in Belarus, especially within the industrial park, where an excellent base for production of high-tech products is being created. Hence our interest in opening our own production facilities near Minsk. We believe that Belarus has many strategic directions for cooperation with China, especially within the industrial park. This project has good potential for the development of high-tech industries in your country.
Tom Post
Tom Post
Editorial Director, Forbes (Finland), ex-executive editor of Forbes (USA)

The main emerald of economic growth, 25 km from the center of the Belarusian capital. An initiative to create an industrial zone of 100 km², on the Silk Road. Great Stone’s investments today amount to $1 billion and within two years will be at least $3 billion, with a 50% increase in the export of goods and services.

Erich Staake
Erich Staake
Chairman of the Management Board, Duisburger Hafen Erich Staake

Great Stone is one of the most interesting infrastructure projects along the Silk Road. The park is connected to the airport, the Baltic and Black Seas, with an area six times that of the port in Duisburg. The geostrategic location of the park is extremely beneficial for business in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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