R&D Center for Huawei
УНП: 190835312
Manufacture of components and equipment for telecommunication systems
УНП: 691700030
Zoomlion Bel-Rus LLC
Production of specialized lifting equipment
УНП: 691700069
Xinzhu Corporation LLC
Manufacture of equipment and materials for rail transport and supercapacitors
УНП: 691700071
China Merchants Group LLC
China-Belarus logistics subpark
УНП: 691700107
YTO Technology BLR LLC
YTO's Eastern European research center
УНП: 691700097
Zhejiang Yongkang Hongfu Manufacturing and Trading LLC
Manufacture of steel and aluminum radiators and cast aluminum radiators
УНП: 691700191
Kronospan LLC
Production of materials for the woodworking and furniture industry using electronic printing methods on paper and plastic
УНП: 691700176
Huizhou Fluence Technology PLC LLC
Heat dissipation technology used in LED products
УНП: 691700268
Bellotosland LLC
Production of equipment for geothermal heat pumps
УНП: 691700214
Hashrate LLC
Storage and processing of large amounts of data. Production of high-tech heaters with the introduction of blockchain technology and the creation of an integrated logistics center
УНП: 192923611
Production of optomechanical components, electronic components and laser equipment
УНП: 191718812
China Electronics Technology Group Corporation LLC
Creation of an artificial intelligence processing platform based on big data, testing and operations center for municipal big data and "Smart City" management platform
УНП: 691700319
Asomedica LLC
Production of closed cycle medical equipment and products
УНП: 190682947
Falcon Power LLC
Production of internal combustion engines
УНП: 691700321
Les International (MSK) Information Technology LLC
Research center for the development of control systems for "Smart Transport"
УНП: 691700426
Used in automotive lighting
УНП: 691700441
Composite Structures LLC
Enterprise for researching, engineering and producing products from composite materials
УНП: 691700454
RESIF Technologies Bel LLC
Modernization technologies and development of additive technologies
УНП: 100570992
International Intelligent Machines LLC
Research center for testing unmanned vehicles using new energy sources
УНП: 691700505
Kuvo LLC
Highly automated glass production for all types of land transport
УНП: 700000814
Standart Nuvo LLC
Development and manufacture of environmentally friendly, multi-barrier, biodegradable, aseptic packaging materials
УНП: 192232938
RecomBel CJSC
Production of solar panels with annual capacity of up to 300 MW
УНП: 691700561
Aviation Technologies and Complexes LLC
Chinese-Belarusian Joint Stock Company "Aviation Technologies and Complexes"
УНП: 691700574
Belgosproject LLC
Designing objects for storing and processing large amounts of data based on BIM technologies
УНП: 100135768
Jianyi Shuzi Chengshi LLC
Creating platforms for big data management in construction
УНП: 691700546
Research and Production Center BELAGROGEN LLC
Pharmaceutical manufacture
УНП: 790624352
Sikai Technology LLC
Research and operational center for developing navigation systems
УНП: 691700679
Production of LED transparent screens and LED monoblocks
УНП: 691700694
High-tech Aerospace Research and Development Center
УНП: 691700786
Wiseasy International (Bel) LLC
Manufacture of Wiseasy Smart Electronic Terminals
УНП: 691700773
Electro-Technological Company COREHELM-BEL LLC
Production of nanotechnological electric boilers for household heating
УНП: 691700865
China Mechants-Sinchen International Exhibition Center LLC
Constructor of facilities for the second stage of the logistics park including placement of a multifunctional complex
УНП: 691700944
Scientific and technical company "Zhui Yi Bel" LLC
Center for storing and processing large amounts of data to support for intelligent robot
УНП: 691700931
Intelligence`s Innovation LLC
Research center for testing unmanned vehicles running on new energy sources
УНП: 691700893
Production of innovative computers
УНП: 691700916
Miran LLC
Production of plastic products for packaging goods using innovative technologies
УНП: 600050355
Production of finished pharmaceutical products
УНП: 690661155
INNOVIZ Technologies LLC
Development of LIDARs for unmanned vehicles
УНП: 691700972
WAYRAY Eastern Europe LLC
Development of ground navigation devices and augmented reality
УНП: 691700732
Fast Transmission Europe LLC
Production of gearboxes
УНП: 691700985
Production of air conditioners and ventilation system components
УНП: 691701024
Satellite Communications of Eurasia ST LLC
Development of satellite communication and control systems
УНП: 691701052
Production of digital printing equipment, printing materials, labels and packaging products
УНП: 691701065
Production of medical products for operating rooms
УНП: 691701116
Educational and recreational complex for children and young people
УНП: 691700482
Hess Great Stone LLC
Electric passenger vehicle manufacturing
УНП: 691701080
SInomachBel LLC
R&D in the field of optical technologies, mechanics, electronics and new materials
УНП: 192655149
KitGroup LLC
Manufacture of medical masks and respirators and non-woven fabrics
УНП: 812006536
Crownhomes Scientific And Technological Company LLC
Manufacture of woodworking equipment
УНП: 691701251
Delfidia LLC
Organization of the production of indicator test strips and remote health monitoring systems in the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park "Great Stone"
УНП: 192930484
Manufacture of electric vehicles and charging stations
УНП: 691701277
Beznoska MT LLC
Production of endoprostheses and orthopedic devices
УНП: 691701302
Photoprint LLC
Innovative print production in the B2C e-commerce segment
УНП: 691701330
Eurasian Railway Gateway CJSC
Construction of an intermodal container rail freight terminal
УНП: 691701292
Creation of the Chinese-Belarusian Innovation Center of Industrial Technologies of the Academy of Sciences of Guangdong Province and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
УНП: 691701356
Production of reagents for performing PCR studies
УНП: 691701343
Solidpipe System LLC
Production and application of an innovative protective coating for steel pipes and drilling equipment
УНП: 691701371
Delfihals LLC
Automated production of glucometers, new generation Gluco Assist test strips and no coding "Satellite" electrochemical sensors for determining glucose levels, and rapid tests for the detection of syphilis, chlamydia and Covid-19
УНП: 691701384
Baimen Import and Export Trade Co.LLC
Manufacturing of components for pharmaceutical products, R&D in the field of biotechnology
УНП: 691701476
Biotechnological enterprise producing feed additives from own produced humic substances and probiotics, as well as bioactive organic and organomineral fertilizers
УНП: 691701448
Delta-Vision LLC
Production of intelligent and analytical systems for monitoring production and technological processes
УНП: 191768028
Technologies of the GS LLC
Organization of R&D in the field of unmanned vehicles on alternative energy sources
УНП: 691701489
Chinese-Belarussian Innovation Center for Industrial Technology LLC
Technological business incubator and platform for demonstrating scientific and technological achievements
УНП: 691701422
IPD group LLC
Development, serial production of high-tech materials, technologies, high-tech devices and systems
УНП: 691701514
Bel Shengkerui LLC
Production of folding electric scooters
УНП: 691701568
Data Cloud LLC
Creation of an integrated center for collecting, processing and storing large amounts of data with the subsequent provision of services using their own facilities of the Data Center
УНП: 691701570
Liangju Shenzhen Technology Company (MSK) LLC
Creation of an international e-commerce technology center
УНП: 691701606
AMB-Engineering LLC
Creation of a research and development center for the development and production of hybrid electric transmission kits
УНП: 800009093
Robotech Incorporated LLC
The manufacturing of interactive banking terminals and robotic pharmacies
УНП: 490986963
Aksiom-group LLC
Production of special and specialized trucks for agricultural and forestry purposes
УНП: 192814730
Roofice LLC
Creation and application of the latest polymer materials in construction
УНП: 193556808
EnCata LLC
Creation and development of the InKata Science and Technology Park
УНП: 191658204
Chinese-Belarusian Center for Innovative Bioengineering Technologies LLC
Production of reagents for the diagnosis of coronavirus, hepatitis B and C viruses, a number of chronic diseases, as well as reagents for the diagnosis of food safety
УНП: 691701619
Tianyu Changying Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Science and Technology Company (MSC) LLC
Organization of production of universal unmanned aerial vehicles
УНП: 691701647
SinRubEnergo LLC
Research work in the field of creating digital energy facilities and "Smart City", development of integrated automation and dispatching systems
УНП: 192578120
Scientific and Technical Company Bel Samoyed Cloud LLC
Creation of an integrated center for financial technologies and international e-commerce and Big Data technology
УНП: 691701675
Scientific and technical company YuTszyu LLC
Creation of a center for digital promotion of goods for the organization of electronic commerce using Internet marketing technologies, including through the creation of video content and its placement in the media and the Internet
УНП: 691701690
HomeLand Group LLC
Organization of innovative production of a multifunctional sound-insulated cabin Aerocapsule with an automated control system based on the concept of IoT (Internet of things)
УНП: 808001657
Modular building systems LLC
Organization of innovative production of equipment and components for the modular construction of "smart" houses using the "Cuby" technology
УНП: 193587718
ArtBioTech LLC
The world of smart PCR reagents. ArtBioTech is innovative biotech company was established in 2016 in Minsk, Belarus. Our specialization is research, development and production of PCR kits and other PCR-related issues. We supply ready-to-use solutions and raw materials (DNA polimerases, revertases. dNTPs, oligos, etc) for medicine, veterinary, food, science and other industries.
УНП: 192743351
Leader Solutions LLC
Creation of the international e-commerce center
УНП: 691701726
Eclips Chemicals LLC
Organization of production of high-quality innovative chemical products
УНП: 691701754
Geruiwei Science and Technology Company LLC
Creation of a research and production center for the study of new materials and the development of devices and devices based on them
УНП: 691701782
NPC Metalworking LLC
Experimental design and production technologies for aluminum containers, complex mechanical devices and components for unmanned aerial systems
УНП: 691701795
Bel-Zhongbo Emergency-Rescue Equipment LLC
R&D of high-tech fire-fighting equipment with the application of Internet technologies, providing after-sales service and emergency safety training
УНП: 691701820
BELTAMOZHSERVICE State Unitary Enterprise
Construction the “Beltamozhservice-Great Stone” transport and logistics center
УНП: 101561144
AI Forstech Bel LLC
Scientific research and development of agricultural equipment with the function of intellectual management
УНП: 691701861
Hongju Life Science and Research Institute LLC
The project on peptides research and development
УНП: 691701713
Lowding LLC
Creation the data-center with complex computing infrastructure
УНП: 691701818
Superpack Innovation LLC
Development production of innovative types of paper package
УНП: 691701887
Linkprint LLC
Development, production and service of LINKPRINT UV-printing systems
УНП: 691701874
Yongchengbel LLC
The international e-commerce platform and provision of international logistics services
УНП: 691701953
Human Craft LLC
Production individual medical devices using 3D printing of exact copies of complex anatomical structures
УНП: 691701940
PharmAgroService LLC
Implementation of science-intensive production of equipment and materials for the needs of veterinary medicine and agriculture
УНП: 191749549
ArcoLab LLC
Creation of a multidisciplinary laboratory for solving applied problems in the field of industry and energy
УНП: 691701966
Baikal Group LLC
Creation of a transport and logistics center on the territory of the Great Stone Industrial Park
УНП: 691701979
Diagnostic laboratory LLC
Creation of a clinical diagnostic laboratory in the industrial park "Great Stone
УНП: 691701981
Heprotrade LLC
Creation of an innovative import-substituting and environmentally friendly production of thermal paper and thermosensitive receipt tape on the territory of the Great Stone Industrial Park
УНП: 193342335
Bel-Nord Logistics LLC
Development of logistics infrastructure, construction of warehouses
УНП: 691701994
Rivex LLC
Expansion of production and introduction to the market of innovative medical consumables
УНП: 790762789
УНП: 691702046
Rontek Machine Tools, LLC
Construction of a modern high-tech plant for the production of computer-controlled machine tools
УНП: 691700388
"SinoBelMedica" LLC
The project envisages the creation of a modern high-tech production of X-ray tubes at the territory of the Great Stone industrial park
УНП: 691701912
CJSC "MARA company"
Development and production of packaging for various products based on the latest biopolymers and using high-quality flexo printing
УНП: 193666011
SunMoon Pharmfа
Creation of a modern high-tech import-substituting production of medicines that meet the requirements of the EAEU GMP and meet the needs of the population and healthcare organizations in high-quality domestic pharmaceuticals.
Haihongbel medical scientific and technical company, LLC
3D-printing of medical products
УНП: 691702166
Novatech mining and technology, LLC
Research and development of mineral processing technology and equipment production
УНП: 691702153
Center for examinations and tests in health service
Registration and legalization of medical products and drugs for park residents
УНП: 101375883
CIS Forbon Technology, LLC
Research developments in the field of agro-industrial complex
УНП: 691702204
AMGen Bel, LLC
Development and production of laboratory reagents and consumables for molecular biology and genetics
The Eurasian Star, LLC
International road freight logistics from China to the CIS countries and Europe with a wide range of additional services
УНП: 691702258
China-Belarus High-Tech Innovation Research Institute
Project for creation the Chinese-Belarusian Research Center of the Academy of Sciences of Shandong Province
УНП: 691702352
Novaera Pharmtech LLC
Organization of production of medical drugs for the treatment of a new type of coronavirus infection, creation of the Eurasian Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine for the exchange of experience, diagnosis and treatment of diseases
УНП: 691702337
CarbonBelTech, LLC
Production of products from composite materials and medical products
УНП: 691702416
Yudi-Bel International LLC
Creation of a production center for the production of test systems for diagnosing diseases
УНП: 691702087
Scientific and Technical Byte Construction LLC
Development of security systems for large volumes of data
УНП: 691702260
Daniel Widmer
Daniel Widmer
Head of Buses and Trolleybuses at Carrosserie HESS AG
Doing business at Great Stone is very convenient for a Swiss company due to the fact that there are many highly qualified employees, capable of performing complex projects. In addition, we see that there is an opportunity to expand cooperation with local companies in the future.
Alexander Raichenok
Alexander Raichenok
Deputy Director of MAZ- Weichai
The MAZ-Weichai plant was built in eight months from scratch, on a previously undeveloped site. The enterprise plans to produce 20,000 engines a year, increase exports and recoup the investment in five years. It is possible to achieve, due to the fact that the plant is registered at Great Stone Industrial Park. The residents of the park have great tax benefits and international guarantees that working conditions will not change.
Zhang Renjun
Zhang Renjun
Senior Vice President of China ZTE Corporation
We note the comfortable conditions for doing business in Belarus, especially within the industrial park, where an excellent base for production of high-tech products is being created. Hence our interest in opening our own production facilities near Minsk. We believe that Belarus has many strategic directions for cooperation with China, especially within the industrial park. This project has good potential for the development of high-tech industries in your country.
Tom Post
Tom Post
Editorial Director, Forbes (Finland), ex-executive editor of Forbes (USA)

The main emerald of economic growth, 25 km from the center of the Belarusian capital. An initiative to create an industrial zone of 100 km², on the Silk Road. Great Stone’s investments today amount to $1 billion and within two years will be at least $3 billion, with a 50% increase in the export of goods and services.

Erich Staake
Erich Staake
Former Chairman of the Management Board, Duisburger Hafen Erich Staake

Great Stone is one of the most interesting infrastructure projects along the Silk Road. The park is connected to the airport, the Baltic and Black Seas, with an area six times that of the port in Duisburg. The geostrategic location of the park is extremely beneficial for business in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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