Park Administration
Head of Park Administration
Alexander G. Yaroshenko
Deputy Head of Park Administration
Oleg M. Tabanyukhov
Industrial Park Development Company
General Director (reception)
Yan Gang
First Deputy General Director (reception)
Kirill Y. Koroteev
Deputy General Director
Sergey V. Vaitekhovsky
Deputy General Director
Ren Fei
Deputy General Director
Bai Ming
Assistant General Director
Wu Peng

Department for Attracting and Servicing Investors from Europe and America
Investment Project Manager
Yulia Belousova
Investment Project Manager
Ross Jones
Investor Service Department for China
Head of Department
Lin Yunlong
Chief Specialist
Bai Yu
Real Estate Sales - Investor Services Department
Andrey Grishin
Design and Construction Department
Head of Department, Chief Engineer
Alexey Semenenkov
Lead Engineer
Denis Rudnitsky
Engineering Department
Assistant Head of Department
Andrei Stepanovich
Legal Department
Head of Department
Victoria Kruchko
Accounting, Finance and Reporting Department
Head of Department, Chief Accountant
Yury Melnik
Deputy Head of Department
Anastasia Chernobay
Deputy Head of Department
Translation Department
Head of Department
Luo Liwei
Department of Strategic Planning and Investment Development
Head of Department
Xin Xiaodong
Water Systems of Industrial Park, UE
Mikhail Shchurko
Chief Engineer
Rustam Mamedov
Real Estate Management Company of the Industrial Park
Valeriy Zhorov
Chief Engineer
Ilya Glevitsky
Park Administration
Head of investors relations department
Bubenka Siarhei
Head of Investment Projects Coordination and Implementation Control Department
Olga Gorodko
Head of economics, analytics and customs procedures regulation department
Pavel Filippov
Head of protocol. equipment and material support department
Yury Savitskiy
Press secretary
Olga Rudaya
Head of Architecture, Construction and Land Management Department
Yury Omelusik
Head of Legal, Corporate and Human Resources Work Department
Natalia Kolezneva
Head of Comprehensive Services Center
Larisa Levkovich

The industrial park is located in the District of Smolevichy, in the Minsk Region.
To reach us from Minsk take the M2 for 30km and the M1 for 10km.
To reach us from the Minsk International Airport take the M2 for 350m before turning left at the first left turning. After 2.2 km, at the roundabout go straight over (first exit), before taking the next left turning in 150m. Continue for 3.3 km until you reach the park on your right.
Minsk and Great Stone are connected by a number of bus routes, which run regularly.
Company addresses
Industrial Park Administration
18 Pekinskii Avenue
Industrial Park Dvelopment Company
18 Pekinskii Avenue
One station
18 Pekinskii Avenue
From Minsk
By bus
bus No.375(daily):

departure from the metro station «Mogilovskaya»-7:10, 15:00;

departure from the Park «Great Stone»-13:46, 19:30.

Schedule of a bus route No.375У(daily):

departure from the «Sokol» microdistrict -- 8:12, 8:40, 9:25, 10:03, 11:55, 13:07, 16:02, 16:48, 17:34, 18:08,18:47;

arrival on the stopping point «Park «Great Stone» -- 8:23, 8:51, 9:36, 10:14, 12:06, 13:18, 16:13, 16:59, 17:45, 18:19, 18:58;

departure from the Park «Great Stone» -- 7:55, 8:25, 9:10, 9:40, 11:30, 12:43, 15:44, 16:32, 17:18, 17:50, 18:30;

arrival on the stopping point «Sokol» -- 8:05, 8:35, 9:20, 9:50, 11:40, 12:53, 15:54, 16:42, 17:28, 18:00, 18:40.

By minibus
Schedule of a bus route №3410ТК (daily):

departure from the metro station «Mogilovskaya» - 08.05, 16.50;

arrival on the stopping point «Park «Great Stone» - 08.33, 17.18, 20.05;

arrival on the Borisov bus station - 09.25, 18.35, 21.20.

departure from the Borisov bus station - 06.25, 15.10, 18.50;

arrival on the stopping point «Park «Great Stone» - 7.30, 16.15, 19.55;

arrival on the metro station «Mogilovskaya» - 8.00, 16.45.

By car

30 kilometers on the route М2

10 kilometers on the route М1

From the National Airport "Minsk"
By car

6 kilometers on the route М2

11 kilometers on the route М1

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