Great Stone
Rapidly growing production zone offering the country’s most
favorable business incentives
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Developed Infrastructure
Advanced administrative infrastructure including an
R&D centre, exhibition centre, overnight
accommodation and restaurant
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Markets Within Easy Reach
Opportunities to quickly start production due
to simplified business procedures and ready
to use production facilities
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From Asia to Europe
Excellent location with developed transport links
to the Eurasian and European markets
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Great Stone Industrial Park
The park offers all the benefits of a free economic zone coupled with unique tax and legislative advantages. Great Stone’s convenient location, simplified business processes and advanced, ready to use infrastructure has attracted residents from 15 countries to the park since its establishment, five years ago.

About the Park
About the Park
About the Park
Located 25 km from Minsk in a unique natural complex, close proximity to the Berlin-Moscow transnational highway, international airport and railway lines. The park provides tariff free entry to the Eurasian market and borders the European Union.
Great Stone promotes the development of industry and business, including production, logistics and research and development.
Street Network
Street Network
The first phase of the park’s development covers an area of 850 hectares and includes 17km of modern 4 or 6 lane asphalt roads, with, traffic signals, lighting, bike paths and pavements.
Great Stone’s Administration Building
Great Stone’s Administration Building
Recognized as Belarus’ project of the year, 2017. The eight-story building is striking, with multi-level terraces giving it the appearance of steps. It is home to the Industrial Park Development Company, the Park’s Administration including the “One Station” Center for integrated investor services and more than 20 tenants.
Construction Town
Construction Town

To accommodate construction company employees and building contractors, a construction camp operates in the park. It can house more than 1,500 people and includes infrastructure for leisure activities, (universal sports ground, exercise area with equipment) and other amenities.

Fire Station
Fire Station
First opened in summer, 2019. The station is equipped with modern machinery and
staffed by 54 people, with 14 rescuers on duty at any one time. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of the park and nearby settlements.
Belarus’ Largest Trade and Exhibition Center
Belarus’ Largest Trade and Exhibition Center

The complex meets international standards and is fully equipped to serve as a platform for presenting products and services to national and international companies. 

The Park’s First Residential Building
The Park’s First Residential Building

There are 156 spacious apartments with modern furniture and household appliances ready for the park’s residents.

There are plans to build a second block, containing a further 176 apartments.

In the medium term, a kindergarten, school, clinic and other social infrastructure will be constructed in the park.
Intergovernmental agreement on establishment of Great Stone Industrial Park
Construction begins and laying of the first stone
Registration of the park’s first resident
Construction of the Trade and Logistics Sub Park begins
Minsk International Airport included within the park’s boundaries
First residential building completed
Phase 1’s infrastructure completed
Construction begins on Phase 2’s infrastructure
Registration of Eurasian Railway Gateway CJSC, responsible for constructing the park’s rail freight terminal
The park’s 67th resident registered
Opening of the park’s Research and Development Center for commercialization of scientific and technological achievements
Signing of Decree No. 215
The 90th resident of the Park is registered
The 100th resident of the Park is registered
The 120th resident of the Park is registered
Advantages of the Park
per month employer wage tax cap
Foreign workers tax for employers
Employee wage tax
reduced to 9% from 2023 to 2062
Corporation / profit tax for 10 years
0% Corporation / profit tax for 10 years, commencing from the date of first profit, after which the rate is half the national rate (9%), till 2062
Customs duties
and VAT
On importation of machinery and equipment
Raw materials and other materials sourced from within the Eurasian Union (customs procedure of a free customs zone)
Sales inside and outside the Eurasian Union
Land tax till 2062
Property tax

Easy Access to Markets

A key linkage between Europe, the CIS countries and Russia

Directly on the New Silk Road trade route
Within / close to the Eurasian and European Union markets

Road Links

The park is located in the very center of Belarus
Developed transport links within easy reach
International highway Moscow-Berlin (M1 / E30) to Russia and Central Europe
Riga — 499 km
Klaipeda — 530 km
Kaliningrad — 585 km
Duisburg — 1644 km

Rail Links

The country is crossed (West-East) and (North-South), by 2 main Trans-European Rail Transport Corridors, providing excellent links into Europe and Russia and the Baltic and Black Seas
Direct connection to the Trans-Siberian Railroad
Direct connection to the Chong Xianijang-Europe International Railway


The international airport is less than 1km and offers direct flights to most European and Eurasian capitals in less than 1-3 hours

Competitive Production Costs Relative to Europe and Russia

Competitive labour costs
Lower utility costs than Europe and comparable to Russia
The lowest gas costs in Belarus
k students
k students
Water supply — 31400 m³ per day
Water disposal — 19500 m³ per day
Gas— 116 million m³ per year
Electricity — 50 MW
Cooperation with universities, companies and government bodies in the field of employment

Simple Criteria to Become a Park Resident

Investment of >$0.5m in 3 years or >$5m with no restrictions and
production in the sectors of

  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics and telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices and services
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • R&D
  • E-commerce
  • Data processing
  • Others
visa free stay

Simplified procedures to employ foreign workers

Simplified Building

- Parallel design and construction permitted
- Technical standards for design documentation, construction, commissioning and operation of facilities similar foreign standards (EU, USA, China, Russia)
- Reduced timescales and simplified procedure for acceptance of newly constructed facilities into operation

One Station Administrative
Support from Day One

Support when creating company
Assistance to obtain building permits and production permits
On going support when dealing with state organizations
Assistance in visa, residency and migration

Streamlined Administrative Procedures

Rules relating to foreign currency holdings and trade transactions removed

Developed Infrastructure

Ready to use utilities infrastructure with no connection fees
Range of investment premises / options
Network upgrades or capacity enhancements to the network provided by the park
Onsite administrative infrastructure: office space, exhibition centre, hotel, accommodation
communication standard
engineering networks
lane roads
90 000

sq.m. commercial estate

in the infrastructure of the park
We are Building a City of the Future
Become a Park Resident in 5 Days
Submit application and accompanying set of documents
Consideration of the application
Within 5 working days
Who can become a resident?

- An economic entity registered in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Belarus
Registration as a resident
Conclusion of a contract
All residents
Companies from 15 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, USA, Canada, China and Russia, are implementing their projects at the park.
CBATS LLC Beznoska MT LLC EES-GROUPS LLC Crownhomes Scientific And Technological Company LLC KitGroup LLC SInomachBel LLC Hess Great Stone LLC ART-E CENTER FOR ADVANCED RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGIES IN EDUCATION CJSC VEISMED LLC FLEX-N-ROLL PRO LLC Satellite  Communications of Eurasia ST LLC SPE ORION IP LLC Fast Transmission Europe LLC WAYRAY Eastern Europe LLC INNOVIZ Technologies LLC BELALEK LLC Miran LLC BELEVM LLC Intelligence`s Innovation LLC Scientific and technical company "Zhui Yi Bel" LLC China Mechants-Sinchen International Exhibition Center LLC Electro-Technological Company COREHELM-BEL LLC Wiseasy International (Bel) LLC CASC LLC YDEA Tech LLC Sikai Technology LLC Research and Production Center BELAGROGEN LLC Jianyi Shuzi Chengshi LLC Belgosproject LLC RecomBel CJSC Standart Nuvo LLC Kuvo LLC International Intelligent Machines LLC RESIF Technologies Bel LLC Composite Structures LLC CGICOP LLC Les International (MSK) Information Technology LLC Falcon Power LLC Asomedica LLC China Electronics Technology Group Corporation LLC Ruchtech (IPG PHOTONICS) LLC Hashrate LLC Bellotosland LLC Huizhou Fluence Technology PLC LLC Kronospan LLC Zhejiang Yongkang Hongfu Manufacturing and Trading LLC YTO Technology BLR LLC China Merchants Group LLC Xinzhu Corporation LLC Zoomlion Bel-Rus LLC ZTE LLC BEL HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES LLC
Daniel Widmer
Daniel Widmer
Head of Buses and Trolleybuses at Carrosserie HESS AG
Doing business at Great Stone is very convenient for a Swiss company due to the fact that there are many highly qualified employees, capable of performing complex projects. In addition, we see that there is an opportunity to expand cooperation with local companies in the future.
Alexander Raichenok
Alexander Raichenok
Deputy Director of MAZ- Weichai
The MAZ-Weichai plant was built in eight months from scratch, on a previously undeveloped site. The enterprise plans to produce 20,000 engines a year, increase exports and recoup the investment in five years. It is possible to achieve, due to the fact that the plant is registered at Great Stone Industrial Park. The residents of the park have great tax benefits and international guarantees that working conditions will not change.
Zhang Renjun
Zhang Renjun
Senior Vice President of China ZTE Corporation
We note the comfortable conditions for doing business in Belarus, especially within the industrial park, where an excellent base for production of high-tech products is being created. Hence our interest in opening our own production facilities near Minsk. We believe that Belarus has many strategic directions for cooperation with China, especially within the industrial park. This project has good potential for the development of high-tech industries in your country.
Tom Post
Tom Post
Editorial Director, Forbes (Finland), ex-executive editor of Forbes (USA)

The main emerald of economic growth, 25 km from the center of the Belarusian capital. An initiative to create an industrial zone of 100 km², on the Silk Road. Great Stone’s investments today amount to $1 billion and within two years will be at least $3 billion, with a 50% increase in the export of goods and services.

Erich Staake
Erich Staake
Former Chairman of the Management Board, Duisburger Hafen Erich Staake

Great Stone is one of the most interesting infrastructure projects along the Silk Road. The park is connected to the airport, the Baltic and Black Seas, with an area six times that of the port in Duisburg. The geostrategic location of the park is extremely beneficial for business in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative.

investment by
from 15 countries operating
in 11 business sectors
90 000
of industrial buildings constructed
by the park for rent or sale
created in the park
map picture