Frequently Asked Questions

1. Сompany registration in the Republic of Belarus
2. Signing an investment agreement with the Industrial Park Administration
3. Signing of land or real estate purchase/lease agreement with Industrial Park Development Company
  1. Decision taken to create a company at the park
  2. Choose the legal form of the company
  3. Receive confirmation of the company’s name
  4. Form a management board, execution and signing of documents by the company’s founders
  5. Submit documents to Park Administration and state registration. After which the registration certificate is received
  6. Create the company’s official seal
  7. Form labour agreements with company's Chief-Executive Officer and Chief Accountant
  8. Open a bank account
  9. Sign agreement for depositary and consultation service
  10. Registration of shares by the authorized governmental body

Yes, providing the facility’s

  • project documentation

  • construction

  • commissioning

  • pass state expertise.

In order to become a park resident, the investment must meet the following criteria:

1) Finance Criteria

The value of the investment in the project’s implementation must be at least:

  • $500k within a 3-year timeframe or

  • $5m in an unspecified time frame

  • R&D value of $500k

Operating Sectors Criteria

The resident must operate in one of the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing

  • Engineering

  • Logistics

  • R&D

  • E-commerce

  • Data processing

  • Others – please contact us to discuss if your business does not fall into any sectors given above

Residents and non-residents of Belarus can undertake construction activities or participate in construction activities (i.e. be contractors, designers, etc).

The land plot is chosen by the resident, taking into account the park’s Master Plan, which defines the spatial development strategy and territorial zoning as well as other projects.

Companies already registered by authorities other than the Industrial Park Administration may become residents of the park.   However, such companies must notify to the park about its relocation in writing, prior to submission of the necessary documents to the Park Administration.

Land plots are available for:

  • Ownership

  • Lease

  • Sublease

The contract is between the resident / investor and the Industrial Park Development Company.

Foreign citizens are required to register at the Citizenship and Immigration Office within five days of arrival (except for Sundays and public holidays)

If the visitor changes their place of temporary stay, they are obliged to register the new place of temporary stay.

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