Services for Investors

We are Building a City of the Future
Investor Services
The Investor Services Department offers potential residents and government delegates a variety of free services

Consulting Services

  • Supporting implementation of the investment project
  • Analysis of the market and regulatory environment
  • Advice on investment policy, regulatory framework and business regulations in the park
  • Pre-investment due diligence
  • Preparation of a project feasibility study
  • Funding assistance for the project
  • Planning support for project implementation.
  • Registering a company as a resident
  • Consulting support during negotiations with government agencies
  • Consulting support at the project implementation stage

Reception of Delegations

  • An Introduction to the park
  • Presentation and tour of the park
  • Visits to Belarusian enterprises

Project Consulting Services

  • Land plot selection
  • Project design
  • Building construction
  • Production and operation
  • Obtaining and registering production certificates

Other Services

  • Preparing and registering invitations
  • Hotel reservation
  • Transport arrangement including car rental
Payment for Services
If you would like to pay for a service, please use our form