The Park’s Advantages

Great Stone Industrial Park is a manufacturing hub providing tariff free entry to the Eurasian market within close proximity of the European Union. The park is located close to Belarus’ capital, Minsk and directly on the Northern Corridor of the New Silk Road trade route, forming a key part of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

The park offers ready to use manufacturing facilities for rent or purchase allowing production to take place quickly, or the option to build your own production facility in the park.

Great Stone has all the benefits of a free economic zone coupled with unique tax and legislative advantages, its simplified trading environment and administrative support ensures it remains an attractive for site for investment.



  • - Location in the center of the Republic of Belarus, 25 km from the capital city of Minsk
  • - The role of the communication link between Europe, CIS and Russia
  • - Reducing transport costs
  • - Flexible logistics solutions
  • - Proximity to neighboring European countries: reduction of transport costs and transport times when exporting goods to Europe
  • - Access to the EAEU market of 183 million consumers without customs duties and economic restrictions

Well-developed transport links within easy reach
Riga — 499 км
Klaipeda — 530 км
Kaliningrad— 585 км

The international airport

The international airport is less than 3km and offers direct flights to most European and Eurasian capitals in less than 1-3 hours

Rail Links

- The country is crossed (West-East) and (North-South), by 2 main Trans-European Rail Transport Corridors, providing excellent links into Europe and Russia and the Baltic and Black Seas

- Direct connection to the Trans-Siberian Railroad

- Direct connection to the Chong Xianijang-Europe International Railway

Road Links

- Moscow-Berlin international highway (M1/E30) to Russia and Central Europe passes by the park’s entrance.

- Centrally located in Belarus for domestic market.


Developed Infrastructure

  • - Ready to use utilities infrastructure with no connection fees
  • - Range of investment premises / options
  • - Network upgrades or capacity enhancements to the network provided by the park
  • - Onsite administrative infrastructure: office space, exhibition centre, hotel, accommodation

Payroll tax incentives

per month employer wage tax cap
Employer taxes payable on foreign workers
income tax

Customs duties and VAT 

  • On importation of machinery and equipment
  • Raw materials and other materials sourced from within the Eurasian Union (customs procedure of a free customs zone)
  • Sales inside and outside the Eurasian Union

Company Tax Benefits

Land and property tax till 2062
Dividend tax for 5 years or 10 years for Large Investment Projects
Corporation / profit tax for 10 years, from date of first profit, then half the national rate (9%), till 2062
Simplified Procedures

Simple Criteria to Become a Park Resident

Investment of > $0.5m in 3 years or $5m with no restrictions and production in the sectors of:

  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics and telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices and services
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • R&D
  • E-commerce
  • Data processing
  • Others

One Station Administrative support from day one

  • - Support when creating company
  • - Assistance to obtain building permits and production permits
  • - On going support when dealing with state organizations
  • - Assistance in visa, residency and migration

Simplified building procedures

  • - Parallel design and construction permitted
  • - Technical standards for design documentation, construction, commissioning and operation of facilities similar foreign standards (EU, USA, China, Russia)
  • - Reduced timescales and simplified procedure for acceptance of newly constructed facilities into operation
visa free stay

Simplified procedures to employ foreign workers

Streamlined administrative procedures

  • Rules relating to foreign currency holdings and trade transactions removed
Operational Benefits
Highly skilled workforce

Competitive Production Costs Relative to Europe and Russia

  • - Competitive labour costs
  • - Lower utility costs than Europe and comparable to Russia
  • - Gas costs the lowest in Belarus
  • 51
    technical colleges

    • Water supply — 31400 m³ per day

    • Water disposal — 19500 m³ per day

    • Gas— 116 million m³ year

    • Electricity— 50 MW

    Customs Infrastructure

    - On site customs terminal and customs control
    - Temporary storage

    Large Investment Projects
    • - Exempt from duty deposit scheme
    • - Release of goods undergoing checks / inspections
    • - Option to participate in pilot schemes

    Cooperation of the Park with universities, companies and government bodies in the field of employment

    Инвестиционный калькулятор

    Сравнительный анализ режимов налогообложения в индустриальном парке «Великий камень» и в целом по Республике Беларусь.

    рублей в месяц
    белорусских рублей
    Расчетные показатели, тыс. руб.
    Наименование налога Налоги без учета льгот индустриального парка Налоги с учетом льгот индустриального парка
    Социальные отчисления
    Подоходный налог
    Налог на прибыль
    ИТОГО уплачиваемые налоги
    Экономия в месячном исчислении
    Экономия в годовом исчислении
    *Налог на прибыль в течение 10 лет и последующая уплата по ставке, сниженной в 2 раза, до 2062 г.*Социальные отчисления уплачиваются работодателем с согласия работника от средней заработной платы по Республики Беларусь.