Great Stone Industrial Park Unveils Development Prospects and Career Opportunities to BNTU Students

   The 'Great Stone' Industrial Park presented development prospects and career opportunities to the students of the Belarusian National Technical University during an event held as part of the collaboration between the Industrial Park and the university.

   A representative of the park took the stage, sharing insights with the audience about the current status and future prospects of the park. In the presentation, the park representative emphasized the importance of collaboration between educational institutions and the industry, enlightening the students about the opportunities that arise through cooperation with the 'Great Stone.'

   This event materialized as a result of agreements between CJSC 'Industrial Park Development Company' and the leadership of the Confucius Institute for Science and Technology at BNTU, representing both the Belarusian and Chinese sides.

   Concluding the presentation, the park representative expressed gratitude to all participants and conveyed hope for the continued and effective collaboration with Belarus's leading technical university, BNTU.

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