The Industrial Park Development Company Took Part in the 17th International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies - TIBO-2021

The Industrial Park Development Company took part in the 17th International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies, TIBO-2021, held in Minsk from the 1st - 4th June 2021.
The TIBO forum is held annually in the Republic of Belarus and is a platform for the exchange of new achievements and best practices in the field of information technology.
The exhibition enables leading domestic and foreign companies to demonstrate the latest achievements in the IT industry, technological innovations and ready-made solutions for industrial sectors of the economy, both within Belarusian and globally. In total, organizations from 11 countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, UAE, Russia, Uzbekistan, France, Japan) participate part in the forum.
The exhibition is organized by the national Ministry of Communications and Information with participation of representatives of the state, business, the scientific community and international experts.
Management of the Industrial Park Development Company spoke at the conference on the topic, “Smart Industry of Belarus: From Concept to Implementation”. The audience were acquainted with Great Stone’s experience of digitalization in construction and operation of engineering and transport infrastructure, buildings and structures. The presentation also highlighted the introduction of unmanned technologies at the park and the adoption of 5G communication technologies for the digital infrastructure of a "smart city".
Today, high-tech projects are actively developing at Great Stone and developments are underway in various industries, including new materials, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, amongst others. A center for cooperation in the field of scientific and technological achievements has been constructed, which serves as a comprehensive platform for the development of innovative entrepreneurship and support of startups.

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