Representatives of parliamentary delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran visited «Great Stone»

   On July 15, 2021, representatives of the working group of the Assembly of the Islamic Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran on cooperation with the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus made a visit to the industrial park. In the innovation center, the management of the park administration gave visitors a presentation on the history of the industrial park, current development of the Great Stone, and the preferential conditions for the business activities of enterprises in the park. During the visit, guests were actively interested in benefits, preferences and other conditions that attract business to our country. In addition, the working group leader of the Assembly, Mr. Abolfazl Amui, recalled that the issue on the opening of a joint Belarusian-Iranian production in the territory of the Republic of Belarus is already being actively addressed. After getting acquainted with benefits and opportunities provided to the residents by the industrial park he noted: «I think «Great Stone » is the best place in Belarus for setting up production».
   The visit has served as the new step in the development of Belarus-Iran cooperation.

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