“Great Stone – great opportunities for doing business” Webinar held 18th June 2020

On the 18th June 2020, an online forum, “Great Stone – great opportunities for doing business" was hosted by the park’s Industrial Park Development Company and Administration.

The online event was attended by approximately 40 representatives from 20 countries, including Great Britain, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Israel, Japan, Korea and the USA. It brought together representatives of foreign industrial and commercial associations, including international and regional cooperation organizations, chambers of commerce, industrial unions, business associations and their members.

The participants learned of Great Stone Industrial Park’s development, its preferential regimes, its infrastructure and the activities of its residents. In addition, opportunities for foreign investors, promising investment sectors, implementation of major investment projects and the availability of finance in Belarus was also discussed.

Great Stone will continue to arrange and host online events in the future. Information about upcoming webinars will be posted on the park’s website site and on social media.